Your Webinar A-Team – Who Should Be Part of It

By Ian Wells
Webinar Team planning

It’s important to have the right people in the right seats and work with all departments to bring your webinar to life. From concept to completion, there are various responsibilities that rely on certain expertise.

Here’s an overview of who should be on your team.


Organiser/Project Manager

This person calls the shots. They have already identified the target market, success metrics, and content, and are responsible for assigning tasks, creating timelines, and ensuring everyone is accountable. If you are using a Managed Webinar Service Provider, this person will liaise with them.


Marketing and Promotion

From creating digital assets to driving and reporting on registrations, this team will help bring your vision to reality. They will also assist with branding your platform, developing CTAs, and crossover content and feedback surveys.

If you have an internal marketing or comms team, ensure your organiser works closely with them to ensure there’s no cross-over on other campaigns.



Facilitators or moderators are important for a polished and well-executed webinar. Their role is to introduce your speakers, facilitate Q&A sessions or polling, and in some cases, interview a panel of speakers. It can be a good idea to have someone internally take on this role to keep it consistent.

Read more tips on the difference between facilitators and presenters here


customer support


If attendees need any assistance during your live event, the last person you want them to contact is you. Many webinar providers should have a local support number they can provide you with; but if they don’t, ensure you have a team on hand who are willing to answer phones and respond quickly to emails.


Technical Resources

During the live delivery of your event, it’s important to have a team with technical knowledge to ensure it all runs smoothly. If you don’t have anyone internally to fulfill this role, you can always outsource it to a managed provider.

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