Boost Your Webinar ROI With Participant Engagement Scoring: Measurement For Success

By Ian Wells
Want to Measure How Engaging Your Webinars


So you’ve got the hang of holding webinars.

You’re starting to see results and our programs are planned and ready to go.

However, there’s always that one word in the back of your mind—engagement!

But what does engagement even mean?

And how are you supposed to measure it?

At Loghic, we’ve created Live Participant Engagement Scoring

An automatic scoring system that allows you to measure the behaviour of your online participants.

This helps you refine your webinar programs and improve your return-on-investment (ROI).


How webinar engagement measuring works

Currently, you receive your attendee list, polling and survey results and chat transcripts at the end of your webinars.

There’s some great data in there, but many people don’t know how to make best use of it.

Now, you’ll receive all of this, along with an engagement scoring report for each individual who has participated in your webinar.


How did we develop this webinar engagement metric?

It’s a simple formula: interaction plus behaviour (and some feedback) equals engagement.

We score your attendees based on two main areas—quantitative and qualitative score.

The quantitative score looks at the behaviour of your attendees. This includes their duration in your event, whether they participated in polls or completed an in-room survey.

The qualitative data is based on one simple question that you can ask either in a poll or in room survey:

“How engaging did you find this seminar?”

Include the five possible responses, and we’ll then either add or deduct points from your attendees total score.

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break-down of measuring webinar engagement

You’ve got a number to work with—what does that mean?

Measuring your participant engagement scores across your webinar programs is a great way to fine tune what you’re doing.

  • Discover which content works best.
  • Uncover your most engaging presenters.
  • Better qualify leads for your sales teams.
  • Refine your CPD Programs.

The best news? These reports are completely retroactive, meaning the formula will apply to all your previous webinars. Take a look in your Account Management Portal and see how it all works!

Live Participant Engagement Scoring was made with you in mind—because there’s no point putting in all the hard work if you can’t measure your results.

Get in touch soon to find out more about how we can help you improve your webinars.

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