The Virtual AGM Video Series

The Annual General Meeting is a cornerstone event in the calendar of Australia’s corporate and not-for-profit organisations alike. And with more organisations choosing to take their shareholder communications online, it’s essential that risk is removed, technology is stable, and speakers are setup for success.

This series contains nine short videos which provide tips on taking your AGM online, or hosting it in a hybrid format.

Choosing Your Model AGM

Choosing Your Model

If you’re looking to hold your AGM Online, it’s important that you check your constitution first. If that says you’re good to go, it’s them time to develop a unique model that suits both your organisation and your shareholder community. In this video we discuss both Hybrid and Online AGMs.

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Choosing a Platform Provider AGM

Choosing a Platform Provider

Once you’ve made the decision to host your virtual AGM online, it’s important that you find a technology provider that you can partner with to ensure it goes ahead seamlessly.

In this video, we discuss questions you should ask your provider and tips to mitigate risk and increase engagement for your online shareholders.

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Virtual AGM Registration

Virtual AGM Registration

When taking your virtual AGM online, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your shareholders to join. You want a seamless workflow, and you also want to be able to capture as many reports as possible once your event is over.

In this video we provide a suggested workflow for online registration and reporting.

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Agenda and Format AGM

Your Virtual AGM Agenda and Format

Once you have your shareholders online, it’s important to keep them engaged and stick to a clear agenda and format. In this video we discuss the importance of a facilitator, location of presenters and other tips for a seamless agenda and format.

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Taking Questions AGM

Taking questions in your Virtual AGM

During your Virtual AGM, it’s important to keep your shareholders engaged. The online platform offers many ways to accommodate this, and the most common way is online question and answer sessions. In this video we discuss the options you have for taking questions online.

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Voting AGM

Voting in your Virtual AGM

We all understand how critical the voting process is during AGMs. So how do we manage it in the online platform and make it easy for shareholders to participate and engage? In this video, we discuss your options.

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Speaker Options AGM

Speaker Presenting Options

Once you know who will be speaking on your Virtual AGM, it’s important to provide them with options as to how they can present. In this video we discuss the three speaker options available to you – remote, studio and hybrid.

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Rehearsal AGM

The importance of your rehearsal

Just like you would in a physical event, rehearsals are important when it comes to online meetings. When planning a Virtual AGM, it’s important to work with all stakeholders to run a rehearsal and cover all bases. In this video, we discuss what you should cover in your rehearsals.

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Hosting AGM

Hosting your AGM recording Online

It’s important that your shareholders have visibility and transparency, One of the many benefits of hosting your AGM online is the face that it can be recorded and hosted for as long as you wish. This offers shareholders and members with so much more than just simply minutes. In this video, we discuss the recording options available to you, and the benefits.

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