The Benefits of On-Demand Webinars

By Ian Wells
Taking on-demand webinars

On-demand webinars can not only be pre-recorded for viewing at any given time but there are also numerous benefits of running webinar content as ‘on-demand’. We often register for webinars with the full intention of not attending it live but simply waiting for the recording post the event.

Having access to content we are interested in at our convenience is a major incentive that drives people to register for a webinar.

Depending on your business needs, on-demand webinars can be relied upon to generate a consistent source of high-quality traffic, at just a fraction of the effort and cost of setting up your live online event.

Hosting on-demand content will give registrants the flexibility and freedom to view your content whenever they want, regardless of geographical location – this also benefits your business as you can extend the shelf life of webinar content and your global reach.

To achieve this, it’s essential to set up a space or platform to host all your previous webinar content. Browsing all your webinar content in one place gives your audience the chance to discover topics you’ve covered in the past.

Further drive your ROI by utilising the webinar channel to encourage increased views, engagement and boost lead generation. With the simple use of online forms, every registrant that fills the form allows you to capture their interest and follow up. Lead interest can serve as an entry point into upselling your product or service as per the lead’s business needs.

Various interactions such as Q&As or webchats don’t have to be reserved to live formatted webinars. You can still utilise serval features for on-demand webinars just not in real-time to encourage engagement, increase viewing time and prevent drop-offs.


These interactions include:

  • Q&A – attendees can submit questions, which can be responded to post the webinar to start a conversation
  • Polls – these can be set during the video production to pop up at various times during the event
  • Call-to-action – facilitates the next steps to attendees, like steering them to your website or giving them your contact details if they have any follow-up questions
  • Surveys – similarly to polls, you can set up surveys at the end of your webinar to collect feedback about the event or information about your audience

It’s also important to note that ongoing promotion will keep breathing life into your on-demand content.

Using social media is a cost-effective, simple way to promote your on-demand content. You can simply refresh the creative and the messaging to help breathe new life into a previous webinar.

When it comes to blogs, articles, or even YouTube videos we tend to skim through and find the section that is of most value or interest to us. The same logic applies to on-demand webinars.

It may be a challenge to maintain the interest of your viewers during a live event, so how would you achieve this with on-demand content? Re-purposing your content will enable you to reach a broader audience and generate more leads.

Focusing on topic-based keywords will make the journey of repurposing your on-demand content a lot smoother. Use smaller topics based on research that resonated with your audiences in the past. Furthermore, try breaking up your webinar content into bite-size portions. This is perfect for an audience with an ever-shortening attention span.

Follow our webinar planning checklist and make sure you give yourself the best chance of success. Don’t let your content sit in cyberspace and lose out on additional revenue streams and sales opportunities. Create compelling online content, to ensure you make the most out of your content, speakers, and investment.


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