Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: This Agreement is between an individual or legal entity (the Customer, referred to in this document as You) and Loghic Conferencing Pty Ltd (referred to in this document as We or Us) and covers all services provide by Us to You.

Please note, Loghic Conferencing Pty Ltd is trading as Loghic Connect.


Service Description

This Agreement covers the use of services offered by us – Audio, Web and Video conferencing (Collaboration Services) as well as representing Webcasts, Webinars, Video Production, Managed Teleconferencing and Managed Video Conferencing (Managed Digital Event Services). While we will do our best to give you advanced notice whenever possible, we do reserve the right to amend some of the features available within these services without notice. Some of the services that we provide will depend upon you getting us all the required information and /or materials within the time frames that we all agree to.  If we are delivering a Managed Digital Events from a local venue of your choosing, your Event could be impacted if we cannot get access to reliable local internet services.


Charges & Payments

We will invoice you electronically within the first three to five business days of each month for all charges that You incurred during the previous month.  You agree to pay your invoice in full by the due dates outlined on the invoice.  If there are charges that you dispute, you will notify us within 30 days of receiving our invoice so that we can resolve the questions to your satisfaction.

If you do not pay all outstanding charges by the Due Date specified on the invoice, we have the option to suspend or terminate some or all of the services that we provide to you.  We also have the option of engaging with third parties to assist us in collecting any outstanding balances on your account.


Privacy & Data Use

We understand the importance of protecting your information and place a high value on your right to privacy. All our employees sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements and must abide by them as terms of their continued employment. We also ensure that any third party we engage will share our values and have the same or similar confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Unless legally obligated to, we will not disclose your information to anyone outside of our organisation without your permission.

While providing our services to you, we will only collect and use that information for the purposes for which it was provided to us. When we are communicating with your Participants or the people you are marketing your events to, it is your responsibility and obligation to ensure that the people that we communicate to on your behalf have opted in to receiving information from you or on your behalf.  We do not accept any responsibility should this not be the case.

Any information collected by the us during the course of delivering our services to you belongs to you and is your sole intellectual property.  That means, we will never use your participant’s information for marketing or promotion purposes.  Once the services we provide have been paid for in full by you, then you will hold all rights to that material.  We will have no legal claim to any of it.

Click here to review our full Privacy Policy.


Limited Warranty

We assumes no responsibility for things that are beyond our control such as power, telephone or internet failures or malfunction of systems provided by others.

IN ALL CASES, our liability is limited to the value of the services offered under this quotation. In no event will we be liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages.  In other words, the maximum value of any damages we would owe to you will not exceed the total amount that we bill you for the service delivered.


Managed Digital Event Services

  • Presentations – Final copies of presentation material must be provided by you at least 24 hours before the scheduled event start time.   You agree to provide us your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint format only.  Your PowerPoint must not contain video or audio files, slide timings, or animation. All video or audio files must be provided as separate files. If we do not get the file within the given timeframe, we will do our best to correct the issue but assume no responsibility if all slides have not rendered correctly and are ready for the live event. Late submissions of any presentation material will incur an additional charge.
  • Multimedia Files – Final copies of videos to be played during the event must be provided four (4) business days before an event. Video must be provided in WMV, MP4 or AVI format only. We cannot accept DVDs and we accept no responsibility for copyright infringement. Up to five audio or video files are covered under the cost of the service we are providing for you.  You may have more files than that and if so, we will charge you additional fees for each additional file that we play.
  • Confirmation/Reminder Emails – If confirmation and email reminder are included in your Managed Digital Event package, we will need a minimum of two (2) business days to complete all e-marketing. Two changes to the e-marketing materials are included in your managed services fee and additional edits are available at an addition fee.
  • We rely upon you to provide us with the correct spelling for the content.
  • Digital Event Reporting – The following reports are available for you to download from your Account Management Portal within 24 hours of your live event:
  • Registration and attendance report.
  • Transcript of all chat.
  • Poll report
  • In Room Survey report
  • Post event survey report (if arranged by the Provider)
  • Questions submitted
  • Hours of Delivery – Any delivery that is outside of standard business hours (Monday-Friday 7am-8pm excluding public holiday) will be subject to an out of hours’ surcharge.
  • Archived Content Hosting – Your Digital Event service includes a period where we host your content for you after the end of your event.  To enhance your security, we will hold your content for 30 days after the expiration date and then we will permanently delete it.  If you wish to extend your hosted content, please notify us within 5 days of your expiration date.  Extended hosting is available at an additional fee.
  • Payment Gateways – If you want to charge a fee to Participants for joining your Digital Event and we are handling the registrations for you, then we use a Payment Gateway service called Stripe.  The money collected will move directly to your bank account.  You will need a Stripe account to accept payments from your Participants.  It’s your responsibility to create your own Stripe account and provide us with both the Publishable and Secret API keys needed to set up the service.
  • Additional AV Equipment Hire – If we are delivering your Digital Event from a live venue and we are required to provide additional AV equipment or Internet access that was not included in your original quote, we will bill you for these costs after the event on a cost + 25% basis.
  • Editing – Basic editing is included in your service.  Basic editing means that we will edit the start and end of your recording to ensure there is a smooth start and end to the recording.  Any additional editing of the recording will be provided to you at an additional cost.
  • Cancellation & Postponement Policy – The Cancellation and Rescheduling policy varies depending on the type of service that we are providing to you:
    • REMOTE WEBINARS: Your Webinar may be rescheduled up to 60 days of the original date.  Event cancelation or postponing the date beyond 60 days will result in a Cancellation/Rescheduling fee of 25% of the Event fee.
    • STANDARD STUDIO WEBINARS: Your Webinar may be rescheduled up to 30 days of the original date.  A rescheduling fee will be applied.  Event cancellation or postponing the date beyond 30 days will result in a Cancellation/Rescheduling fee of 50% of the Event fee.
    • ADVANCED STUDIO WEBINARS: Your Webinar may be rescheduled up to 60 days of the original date.  Event cancelation or postponing the date beyond 60 days will result in a Cancellation/Rescheduling fee of 25% of the Event fee.
    • PREMIUM STUDIO WEBINARS: Your Webinar may be rescheduled up to 90 days of the original date.  Event cancelation or postponing the date beyond 90 days will result in a Cancellation/Rescheduling fee of 25% of the Event fee.
    • ALL OTHER DIGITAL EVENT SERVICES: Your Digital Event may be rescheduled up to 60 days of the original date.  Event cancellation or postponing the date beyond 60 days will result in a Cancellation/Rescheduling fee of 25% of the Event fee.
    • In all cases, the client will assume responsibility for any third Party costs incurred prior to the Event Cancellation
  • Presenter Briefings – If your service includes Online Presenter briefings, the actual number of briefings included in your service will be specified in the service description.  The cost of additional Presenter Briefings will also be specified in the service description.
  • Live Attendees – The total number of live attendees is specified in the service description for the service we are providing to you.  Additional live attendees will incur additional charges.
  • Number of Presenters – The total number of on-air presenters is specified in the service description for the service we are providing to you. We define an on-air presenter as anyone who will be either seen or heard during your Digital Event (excluding Participants that may be asking a question).  Additional on-air presenters will incur additional charges
  • Event Duration – The total on-air duration of your Digital Event is specified in the service description for the service we are providing to you.  Exceeding this duration will incur additional charges.


Collaboration Services

For all cancellations of Collaboration Services, including licensed services, the Provider requires a written request 30 days prior to termination of service.

Video Conference Community Licence Overage Fee
If you exceed the number of concurrent licenses in use at one time, you will be billed for one individual license + a 25% premium for each concurrent license used in excess of your agreement. This fee is applied only during the month that it is applicable.

Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing and Video on Demand Branding
If you have subscribed to a branded service, an annual Branding License Fee will be applied to your account on January 1st of each calendar year. 30 days written cancellation is required to cancel your Branding agreement with Loghic Connect.


Service Levels

Email – 4-hour response (Monday-Friday 8.30am-6.00pm)

Phone – 95% calls answered within 30 seconds
Tele/Web/Video Service Platform Up-time – 99.99%
Webinar Platform Up-time – 99.99%

Webinar Follow Up (Managed) – (Two) 2 business days

E-Marketing Creation (Managed) – (Two) 2 business days once the we receive complete content
Archive of content – (Four) 4 hours post-event