Risk Mitigation

Providing you with complete peace of mind

We get it. You put so much energy, time, budget and resources into developing your online programs, so you just want them to work. Our Managed Services are designed to remove the burden from you and your team, and help you deliver a seamless online experience for all involved.

We also understand that sometimes things just go wrong – especially with technology. That’s why we have a range of redundancy plans in place to ensure that your event will always go ahead, no matter what occurs.

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I'm concerned about security and privacy and ensuring my data remains on shore

How Loghic mitigates this:  Loghic Connect complies with this global expectation. Our platforms meet the current standard for end-to-end encryption of data and participant authentication and regular systems audits and updates are in full force. As an Australian company, you can rest assured that all your data will remain on shore in our secure co-location facilities based in Sydney.

Our infrastructure is housed in AWS (Amazon Web Services) for security, scalability and automated redundancy; and key components are housed in secure carrier grade telecommunications facilities.

All platforms, systems and data are stored securely with backups and complete data privacy and sovereignty processes have been implemented.

Our proprietary portals and platforms are specific to each Loghic customer and are password protected. No customer data is shared between accounts and Loghic has no rights or permissions to use any of our customers data for our own business use.

Furthermore, all Loghic employees and governed by an enforceable privacy and non-discloser employment agreement, our company premises (in Sydney and Melbourne) are secured and covered by pass card access, and we are covered by comprehensive Workers Compensation, Public Liability, and Indemnity insurance policies.

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How stable is your platform, what if something happens and it goes down?

How Loghic mitigates this: Loghic’s all-in-one proprietary platform is hosted on a reliable fibre network across multiple carriers, and multiple modes – including landline, wifi, 4G and 5G.

Our hyper scalable network availability means we can automatically accommodate more viewers across multiple servers should any issues arise.

Our platform also allows for hosted powerpoint – meaning presenter slides can be accessed and advanced from any location.

Our locally hosted Teleconferencing solutions means presenters will always have a backup option, and attendees will always be able to dial in and listen to your webinars should any internet issues occur.

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My presenters have poor internet connection, what options do I have?

How Loghic mitigates this: Loghic’s all-in-one proprietary platform is built with a backup audio conferencing solution. Should your presenters lose their internet connection, they will always be able to present into your live digital event by dialling into a teleconference.

This also extends to your online attendees. Those based in rural or remote locations with poor internet can have the option to dial in and listen to your webinar via a teleconference. Adaptive Bit Rate also means your online attendees are able to select video streams that best match the quality of their internet to minimise any internet stream interruptions. This feature will automatically scale based on network strength and bandwidth.

For large, internal events, our Peer-to-Peer streaming solution removes network congestion, allowing for a seamless experience for all online viewers.


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I'm worried about my presenters having to present on an unfamiliar platform

How Loghic mitigates this: At Loghic we have a dedicated Presenter Experience team whose sole function is to work with presenters to ensure they are comfortable with the platform, while providing recommendations for online engagement.

Our platform has many advantages for you, your presenters, and your online audience.

  • A live engineer will connect your presenters to the platform 30 minutes before going live and retest all connections
  • We host a copy of your presentation on our central server and establish a backup audio connection. This means, that even if your presenter’s internet was to completely fail, your webinar will be still able to continue. Your audience would get the audio from your backup feed and we would advance your slides from our server.
  • Our live engineer monitors all streams for optimal performance during the webinar
  • Our Live Call Centre provides real-time user support for all your Participants
  • Adaptive Bit Rate: allows users to select video streams that best match the quality of their internet to minimise any internet stream interruptions. This feature will automatically scale based on network strength and bandwidth.
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I don't have time to assist my attendees if they experience any issues

How Loghic mitigates this: Our Managed Webinar services are designed to remove the burden from you and your team.

Our local support teams are based in Australia and are online during the live delivery of each webinar to provide immediate assistance to your online audience.

We recommend you provide our toll free 1800 support number on all communications so our team can provide assistance on joining your webinar, correcting audio issues, or connecting to a backup teleconference. We can also provide you with an International support number to assist those attendees joining from overseas.

How can I ensure my webinar goes off without a hitch?

We get it – you invest so much time, budget and resources into your program, so you need it to go as planned.

Our Managed Webinar services have been designed to provide you with complete peace of mind – from concept to completion.

For webinars delivered from your home or office:

Before your Webinar:

During your webinar:

For webinars delivered from our Broadcast Studios: