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Grow Association Membership with Value-Add Educational Services

Associations are under pressure to deliver substantial value to their members. By implementing a managed webinar program, you can showcase subject matter experts to thousands of members in a cost-effective way while the technical logistics are seamlessly managed for you.

Produce broadcast-quality multimedia assets in professional studios and curate a library of captivating content. This strategy not only attracts new and younger members but also ensures their continued engagement and return.

Event Attendance Down?

Not everyone can make it to live events. Ensure that all your members can access your subject matter experts through a webinar program produced in our broadcast-quality studios. Our sophisticated platform supports multimedia and interactive content, available both live and on-demand, to engage your audience no matter where they are.

Training Resources Stretched?

Small teams can deliver high-quality video webinars effortlessly with our fully managed services. Enhance your existing education programs without overburdening your team, and make webinars a key component of your communication strategy. Our services handle all aspects of filming and editing, ensuring you can focus on content and engagement.

Looking to Modernise?

Younger generations demand professional video content that’s easily accessible. Produce your own panel TV shows in our broadcast studios to modernise your association’s content. With our facilities, you can craft engaging and contemporary media that resonates with a new audience. Utilise analytics to monitor engagement and refine your offerings, ensuring you deliver content that truly captivates.

Retention and engagement - what's it worth to you?

Approximately 50% of millennials have used professional development services in the last 12
months. Webinars and online professional development, along with seminars and professional development courses are the most used services (52%). Millennials – Building Engagement With Associations

Focus on what you do best

Let us manage your webinar from concept to completion so you can focus on promoting your event, gaining registrations and your other member activities.

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Looking for that professional edge?

Communicate across distance with our professional broadcast studios based in Sydney and Melbourne. Your association, your presenters – front and centre!

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