Loghic Account
Management Portal

You are in control: Giving you the ability to access
information and customise settings 24/7

screenshot of the Loghic Events Portal
  • Secure online access 24/7
  • Administrators see all users information, Moderators see only their information and Accounts Payable see only billing information
  • Usage reports are updated daily with details broken down by
  • Moderator, Department or Cost Centre and by Service Type
  • Download recordings minutes after your meeting
  • Download Outlook plugin for automatic meeting invitations
  • Make real-time changes to how your collaboration service performs
  • Add, edit or delete users in real-time
  • Schedule and book your events online

We’ve Connected Millions Of Users!

Experience the Loghic Difference! We’re an Australian organisation dedicated to helping the way that you meet, present and collaborate at a distance.

We help deploy the latest collaboration and digital events to thousands of Australian businesses all while delivering an unmatched level of support, ease of use and peace of mind.

We bring the leading edge of technology to our customers with an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.