The Pros and Cons of Live Streaming

By Ian Wells
Online live webinar

Live streaming first gained prominence on YouTube but has for years now been a well-known feature on social media and continues to boom in popularity on the internet. Businesses are using this medium more and more to their advantage. Live streams if utilised correctly can achieve clear benefits; however, is it right for your business needs? Here are the pros and cons of live streaming to help you decide.

Pros Of Live Streaming


1. New revenue opportunities

Free live streaming paves way for new business opportunities as it opens the chance for you to meet new potential clients. As a strategic move, your company can also take the direction of charging viewers to join your live streams. This creates exclusivity for your content and becomes an additional channel for revenue

2. It’s Easy

With smartphones and tablets, the convenience of live streaming is at our fingertips. Easy to set up any device, all you need to do is log in to your desired social media platform and start your stream. You can reach a large pool of your audience and it won’t cost you a thing, streaming across all social media channels is free. Unlike pre-recorded mater, its time and resource-effective! Simple to run and easy for your audience to engage with you throughout the video stream. For organization looking to shed light on certain initiatives such as product launches or conferences, live streaming is the perfect way to instantly update your followers on pivotal changes.

3. Real-time interaction

Businesses value inquiries of interest, however from time to time may be ineffective in addressing all queries promptly up to the satisfaction of the enquirer. Live streaming Q&As or Discussion group sessions allow for a unique interaction between your company and your client base. Frequently asked questions can be addressed with instant in-depth responses.

Cons Of Live Streaming


1. Accessibility

Although live streaming saves venue and travel costs, there are other issues to consider. If you have a nationwide or international audience, time zones will interfere with selecting a suitable time for your live stream. Making your content in demand and available as a recording post the live stream is an effective solution. Live stream recordings will ensure registrants can access the content despite time difference restrictions.

2. One take show

The most obvious downside to live streaming is there are no do-overs! Having no room for errors means extra caution and planning before going live with your stream. It’s essential to check things like your company’s internet bandwidth, tech equipment.


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