Live Event Streaming

Live-stream your annual conference, sponsored event, town hall or product launch with ease

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Live event Streaming

Reach A Wider Audience From Wherever They Are

Why should location interfere with your goals? Let us help you create accessibility and engagement.

When it comes to making your physical events more accessible, engaging and exciting – there really is no better way to do it than live streaming. Not only do you completely remove geographical boundaries, but you provide additional value to your physical attendees by offering on-demand content. It really is a win win.

Live event Streaming

Benefits of Live Streaming Hybrid Events

Adding a virtual component to your face-to-face events allows your attendees to access your content from wherever, whenever – but have you considered these benefits?

Additional value to physical attendees

Ever attended a conference and wished you could be in two sessions at once? Provide your physical attendees with on-demand recordings of all speakers and sessions meaning they can access all content!

Access a wider pool of speakers

Chances are, your presenters are hot property and really time-poor. Live Streaming allows you to access speakers from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to 24 hours flights and expensive hotels.

Increase sponsorship opportunities

Imagine telling your sponsors that their investment dollar could live for 12 months as opposed to one day? Streaming your event via the Loghic platform means that your sponsors can play videos, upload resources and promote their services for up to 12 months.

Fully Managed – From Concept to Completion

Pre Production


Here, you will meet with one of our experienced Customer Success Managers who will uncover your requirements and streaming goals.

We will then liaise with your venue to ensure you’re removed as the middle man and all testing is completed before your big day.

Live Streaming


We own and operate all our own infrastructure, meaning you can run your business event exactly as you please.

Our experienced producers will be there onsite, with our own video equipment to ensure your event is streamed exactly how you imagined.

Video on Demand

Video on Demand

With online attendees digesting content in a variety of ways, we will ensure you get the most your investment.

Let us walk you through the insights collected from your engagement reports, consult on how to host your content on-demand and discuss how you can break up to content so it’s appealing to all viewers.

Request Your Live Streaming Demo

Ever wanted to remove geographical boundaries at your physical events? Wouldn’t it be great if the content from your conference sessions and events could live on?

Live Streaming technology makes this all possible. If you’re looking to maximise event revenue and add possible additional revenue streams, get in touch.