Investor Relations Webcasts: The Essentials Explained

By Ian Wells
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Worried about risking your relationship with your investors with ineffective communications? Remove the stress with a managed investor relations (IR) webcast!


What is an IR webcast?

An IR webcast is a communication channel with the ability to broadcast the CFO and CEO’s results to investors and potential investors over the internet.

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Why should we do IR webcasts?

  • Focus on content: IR webcasts remove the delivery component of the IR call from your team and allows you to focus on the content.
  • Reach and control: The platform allows you to prescreen and filter questions so your speaker isn’t caught off guard.
  • Streamlined processes: With unique pins, you’re able to identify attendees without putting them through a queue.


Who should be doing IR webcasts?

Any company that is publicly-listed can benefit.


What are the types of IR webcasts available?

  • Remotely delivered: The CEO and their team dial out to an event conference from their boardroom. This is managed and moderated by an operator.
  • Hybrid: The company hosts a physical event with a live-streaming component with Loghic onsite to support the livestream.
  • Studio: Come into our facilities and focus on content while we take care of every other element.


Why use Loghic for IR?

  • Australian-owned and operated: All infrastructure and support is in Australia.
  • End-user support: We provide end-user support which all attendees have access to. You do not have to worry about any of the logistics of running the event or any technical issues that may arise.
  • Unique pins: attendees do not have to queue for attendance checks as their contact details are already collected.
  • Dedicated webcast studios: We are the only provider with state-of-the-art, dedicated streaming facilities for digital events. Broadcast, live-stream, and record from our studios in Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD. Discover our studio offerings here.



What’s included in the Loghic IR package?

Loghic’s offering is completely customizable. We can provide a event teleconferencing operator, a webcast solution, a studio solution, schedule marketing campaigns, and much more. You just have to provide the powerpoint and the presenters.

Our solutions bring together all the parts for your investor relations call—event management, call moderation, end-user support, marketing, web streaming, recording, transcription and replay. You can rest easy with our first-class delivery.

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