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We found the IR landscape is overwhelmingly a virtual one, with four in five (80%) respondents

preferring digital channels for communicating with investors over physical or face-to-face methods.

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Virtual Investor Relations - What we want...

Your Investor Relations team’s ability to build relationships with investors and the media is its most valuable skill, research has shown. And to do that, you need conferencing technology that is not only easy-to-use and reliable – but balances your ability to manage proceedings with stakeholders’ need for access, information and dialogue.

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Consistency Issues:

Juggling multiple providers for different aspects of IR communications can lead to inconsistent results and increased complexity. A single provider for all reporting needs ensures uniform quality and simplifies coordination.


How Loghic Events can assist:

Loghic Events serves as a single provider for all your IR communication needs, ensuring consistency across all webcasts and teleconferences. By centralising services, we streamline your process, enhance quality control, and provide a unified communication strategy that aligns with your company’s branding and regulatory requirements.

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Technical Difficulties:

Connectivity issues, poor audio and video quality, and delays can detract from the professionalism of a presentation, frustrating both presenters and shareholders.

The cost

How Loghic Events can assist:

We offer cutting-edge webcasting and teleconferencing technology that ensures high-quality audio and video, along with stable connections. Our technical support team is on hand to manage all aspects of the setup and execution, ensuring smooth, disruption-free communications.

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Customisation Limitations:

Many providers offer one-size-fits-all solutions that may not suit specific corporate requirements or branding. A provider that offers customised solutions can tailor webcasting and teleconferencing services to enhance brand consistency and meet specific strategic goals.

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How Loghic Events can assist:

Unlike standard solutions, Loghic Events provides customised webcasting and teleconferencing services tailored to fit your specific corporate needs. Whether it’s incorporating your branding or adapting to specific content formats, our solutions are designed to align perfectly with your strategic objectives. We also run your webcast remotely, from your office or a venue.

The cost

Resource Intensity:

Setting up and managing webcasts and teleconferences often requires significant internal resources. A comprehensive service provider can take on these tasks, freeing up IR teams to focus on core activities.

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How Loghic Events can assist:

By outsourcing your IR communications to Loghic Events, you free up internal resources that would otherwise be devoted to managing these complex systems. Our comprehensive service includes planning, setup, execution, and follow-up, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.


Support and Training:

Lack of adequate support and training can leave IR teams unprepared to handle the intricacies of webcasting and teleconferencing. A provider that offers robust support and customised training can enhance the effectiveness of these tools.

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How Loghic Events can assist:

Loghic Events doesn’t just provide tools; we also offer full support and customised training for your team. This ensures that everyone involved is well-prepared to use our systems effectively, maximising the impact of your IR communications.

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What is Investor Relations?

Investor Relations, or IR, is a department or division in a company that is often public.Investor Relations can also be activities linked to the management of investors in a company. This is often the case in a start-up with initial investors.

The Investor Relations department has a duty to provide investors or potential investors with an accurate account of company affairs. This will help private and institutional investors to make informed decisions on whether to invest or not.

Inside large, public companies, the Investor Relations department is often part of the Public Relations department. This is usually because the information given to the press can influence the stock trading and the investors. Some news about a company can have a significant impact on financial results.

For smaller companies, the Company Secretary and/or Chief Financial Officer is often the person responsible for Investor Relations. The IR team is responsible for communicating information with investors, shareholders, government organisations and the financial world to ensure that the company is being traded fairly and to its value.

In the case of large public companies, the Investor Relations department is created during the IPO phase. This is the best timing because at this moment, potential investors are trying to access financial statements, critical information about the company to get a sense of the potential of their investment.

The Investor Relations department makes the communication easier and they can conduct internal investigations to get qualitative or quantitative data for the investors.
This is a separate department because the amount of information required can be overwhelming and a Company Secretary and/ or CFO would dedicate its entire time to be able to answer these needs.

IR teams are especially busy when releasing financial data, be it per month or per quarter, about the company. They also need to organise press briefings, annual general meetings, conferences to inform about earnings, share, stock, current company focus and future developments.

IR teams have also to publish specialised reports and documents to the financial community in order for them to get the right information. IR departments have the responsibility to communicate and exchange with investment analysts and experts that provide public opinion on the company.

Why use webcasting and teleconferencing systems for your IR?

Since communicating timely and effectively with the overall financial community is key, conferencing systems and platforms are important to get the most out of your IR efforts.

Teleconferencing and webcasting are all ways to improve your IR management. These systems make it easier for you to share financial information with your stakeholders and community.

For video you can use webinars in order to get the best quality content and engagement with your audience. With our technology, it’s easy for your stakeholders to download a PDF or a statement during the webcast or the webinar. You can also increase and foster engagement during your sessions by adding polls, surveys and Q&A sessions during your webcast.

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