Important Milestones for Your Managed Digital Event – and what they all mean

By Ian Wells

Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with your managed digital event, it will all happen quite quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be liaising with speakers, gathering final presentations and checking registrants to make sure you’re meeting your goals.

Loghic’s Digital Event Management System removes all the guessing and ensures you’re on track every step of the way. Here’s the important milestones which are tracked between you and your Customer Success Manager.


Booking Form Completed: Once you have all your event details, ensure you complete your booking form immediately. This will lock your event in and will let us know that you’re good to proceed – it essentially gets the ball rolling from our end.

Webinar Booked: It’s official – your webinar is scheduled in our system and we are working hard in the background to make the process seamless! We will be in touch to schedule a pre-production call with all your stakeholders where we will confirm and finalise all the details.

Pre-production Call Completed: During this call you will get to know your customer success manager, confirm all your event details, and provide us with the ‘need to knows’. Everything from your measure of success, to speaker information and branding requirements.

Marketing Collateral Sent: Our Customer Marketing Team will closely work with you to create your branded registration pages, confirmation and reminder emails. Once these are created, you can easily log back into your DEMS to edit any information when you need to.

Pre-Webinar Call Completed: Everything is on track and registrations are coming in fast – so let’s catch up and make sure we have everything we need to move ahead!

3rd Party Resources Booked and Customer Venue Testing: Depending on your type of event, we may need to liaise with various partners to bring it to life, Once this milestone is completed, you will immediately be notified. We will also let you know whether any additional charges may apply.

All Deliverables Uploaded: One of the many benefits of our DEMS is that you and your speakers have the flexibility to upload your own deliverables. Your presentations, resources, survey links and downloadable documents can be uploaded on the fly. Once this is complete, simply click on the ‘deliverables uploaded’ button to finalise your documents.

Presenter Training Conducted: Our Presenter Experience Managers will reach out to your presenters and test and train them on our platform – it’s one of the many benefits we offer. Once we have tested their internet, audio and video requirements, this milestone will be complete!

Webinar Delivered: Congratulations – we made it! Your Digital Event is now available for on-demand viewing – and we have a few suggestions which will help you gain maximum exposure.

Post-production Completed: If you have chosen to have your event recording file edited, this is when it happens. Depending on your requirements, this can take time – so please be patient with us while we produce a recording which will be sure to impress.

Debrief held: Here at Loghic, we love feedback. And as your managed webinar partner, we want to know what worked, and what we can improve on. During this call we will discuss your reports, whether you achieved your goals, and your plans for future Digital Events.


That covers it! A tried and tested process which has been working for us for over twelve years – and we’re happy to have you onboard!

For more information on our Digital Event Management System – take a look here!


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