One central source of truth for all your scheduled and completed events

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Complete Transparency, Control and Customisation

Planning, hosting and reporting on a virtual event takes time – there’s so many working parts, various stakeholders and resources involved.

At Loghic, we’ve created a project management tool to help you communicate, create and collaborate with your Customer Success Managers – with one goal – to bring your digital event to life – seamlessly.

Introducing DEMS – the Digital Event Management System. It’s one central source of truth for all your scheduled and completed events.


View all upcoming events and ensure stakeholders are across all milestones.


Manage and edit all your event resources and registrants in one place.


Our Digital Asset Manager stores all up to date files.


Track registrations and milestones

View all your upcoming events and instantly see how many people are registered.

You can then view milestones so you know where your event is up to at any given time – which makes it perfect for those events with more than one organiser involved – no more guessing, and no more scrolling through emails.


Edit event Marketing Assets and Registrants

Edit Marketing Assets and Registrants

Manage and edit all your event resources in one place.

  • Once your marketing assets have been created by the Loghic Team, you can edit them on the fly
  • Easily edit landing pages, confirmation and reminder emails
  • Manage your own registrants – simply add, delete, upload or download a CSV or clear the entire list if required.
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Upload Resources into your Webinar Platform

Instantly upload all webinar resources directly into the webinars platform – including:

  • Downloadable documents
  • Survey links
  • Redirect links
  • Video Files
Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Manager is one central location which stores your all required files – including:

  • Style and branding guides,
  • Speaker presentations
  • Video files
  • Presenter information

This removes all the back and forth, and ensures the correct and most up to date assets will always be loaded into your webinar platform.

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