The 5 Simple Steps to Creating your next CPD Webinar

By Ian Wells
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Online Education/Webinars provide immense value when it comes to how CPD resources are being delivered.

We show you how to best utilise your webinar platform to create a highly professional and engaging CPD webinar through the following 5 steps…


1. Promote

You can have the most amazing event in the world, but what is the point if no one knows about it? When we think of promoting content, we often associate big budgets and spending. However, a concise and consistent promotion effort can start the ball rolling and increase your brand awareness.

Branded email invitations –

An eye-catching banner and/or a distinctive logo are more likely to capture the attention of the recipient. A bland plain email is sure to be forgotten but including elements in line with your branding guidelines will be sure to make an impression.

Confirmation auto-responders and reminder emails –

Branded registration pages, including sponsorship and presenter information, go a long way. They make the overall event more appealing for the attendees. Reminder emails can help decrease no-shows and are perfect for those with busy schedules.

Social media channels to promote your event are also a great way to boost registration numbers.


2. Train

A confident, knowledgeable, and passionate presenter can make all the difference. Always train on:

  • Technical: Ensuring they can log in to the platform and have a good internet connection
  • Interactive: Ensure they are across all interactive features and how the tools work
  • Format: Upload their presentation in the correct formal (slide dimension, ppt or pdf, etc.) and ensure each segment works with polls, Q&A, etc.


3. Deliver

Technology, remote attendees – so much to think about! If you want your webinar to run smoothly…

  • Test all technology before the event start time
  • Assign a facilitator to moderate any questions or attendee technical difficulties
  • Provide a support number in case there are any issues – we recommend your webinar provider


return on investment

4. Report

It’s all about measuring your Return on Investment, delivering value, and enhancing the experience.

  • Measure Attendance Rates and track online behaviour from chat transcripts, polls, and quizzes
  • Understand what is and what isn’t working with reports on registration page conversions
  • Track subject lines and engagement levels with reports on Email Opens and Click-Through Rates


5. Post CPD Event

What happens after your event is just as important as the event itself… Here are some action items to follow.

  • Create and send CPD certificates to all who attended.
  • Send the webinar recording and supporting documentation to all registrants.
  • Download the webinar reports and evaluate the feedback – How can you further engage?

With an increase in the functionality and accessibility of technology, more and more organisations are choosing highly professional and engaging online platforms as their main communication tool. Why? Because they can allow you to report on participant behavior, access extensive reporting, and your content can live as long as you want it to with the option to host on-demand.

So how can you leverage the online world and reach and engage more members? We’ve put together Dos and Don’ts of Online CPD that includes everything from adapting the format to online CPD to training for success and delivering your best event. Does more engagement, higher attendance and better reporting sound good to you? Get in touch to discover how you create live and on-demand content that inspires.


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