Loghic Report 2022


For 11 years, The Loghic Report has been studying the evolution of virtual events for users across various industries in Australia.

This year not only saw unprecedented growth in virtual events but rather remained the format of choice in the wider events industry.

So what else did we find out?


It’s an Event Virtual-Verse: Virtual is no longer optional when it comes to corporate events and event strategies, it’s an entry point to several formats and types.

The Growth of Virtual Events: That’s right, we haven’t reached a saturation point yet. In fact, we are far from it, with attendees now preferring mostly live events

Hybrid Events are on the rise: We have embraced virtual events and adapted to the online way of business, this year old practices merged with the new. Furthermore 67% of respondents included Hybrids Events in their portfolio of annual events.


Discover this, plus:

  • The best days and times to hold webinars
  • How can we create more engaging virtual events
  • The BEST and WORST of your Virtual Events Experiences